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Buy/Sell with Confidence

Buy/Sell with Confidence"I highly recommend Laura Marriott as a real estate professional, whether you are buying or selling. My husband and I were in the market for an investment property and searching for the right place to buy. I happened to be doing a loan for a client who was working with Laura to purchase a duplex in Eugene. I was very impressed with Laura. She took very good care of my client, as well as keeping me informed throughout the transaction. When it came time for us to begin our search for property, there was no question in my mind on who we would use. Laura has extensive knowledge of the area and a keen eye for a good investment opportunity. She took the time to educate us on the neighborhoods so we could make an informed decision. We purchased our first rental home in early 2006, and made our second purchase late that same year. Laura has been an essential resource; she's recommended local contractors and reputable businesses, as well as giving us excellent tips on maximizing our return. I've recommended her to others, and we will continue to use her in the future. "
--Lisa Mazzei, Mortgage Consultant, Santa Cruz Mortgage

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