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Client Comments Laura's Experience Pay's Off
Laura's Experience Pay's Off"We decided to buy our first home from a remote location. As we'd only been to Oregon twice, we knew we needed a Realtor who was both knowledgeable about the area and dedicated to our interests. From day one, Laura was extraordinarily professional and attentive to every detail. She is an excellent listener and worked hard to understand our goals before we even arrived to view available homes. Thanks to Laura, we were able to find and put into contract a home that both exceeded our expectations and fell in line with our budget within three days. Laura's excellent knowledge of the area, experience with real estate transactions of all types and her strong relationships with a wide variety of contractors enabled us to close the deal in a timely manner. We will definitely work with Laura if/when we purchase another property."
--Anne Sharman

Client Comments
Client Comments Helped Relocate
Helped Relocate"We lived in Los Angeles for many years and decided we wanted to move to a smaller town while our kids were still young and could adapt easily. We did research for months and read a lot of wonderful things about Eugene, Oregon. In September of 2005 we drove up to Eugene, not knowing a thing about the best neighborhoods, the best schools, and all those important desires. Compare to Los Angeles, all the little neighborhoods looked quaint and cute to us, but we spoke to a lot of people and narrowed it down to a few great areas. We still felt a little lost, and several agents showed us some homes, but they didn't seem to understand what we were looking for and didn't seem to care. THEN we met Laura Marriott!

While driving through a South Eugene neighborhood, Laura, who was driving past us, saw our California license plates and asked us if we were lost. We weren't lost, but we felt as though we needed help. Moving to a brand new town is really overwhelming, and the fear of buying into a bad neighborhood or choosing the wrong house is always scary. Laura introduced herself and asked us if she could help us find a house. We gladly accepted her help. We felt so taken care of by Laura. Not only does she have great knowledge in the home market, but also in the investment property market, which is what my husband and I also wanted to break into. Long story short, Laura ended up finding several houses for us that we purchased. We even bought a duplex a couple of months later without seeing it, just solely on her viewing it and her advice that this was a great buy. Laura really cares about her clients and lots of them, like us, end up becoming great friends with her as well. Once you know Laura, you quickly realize that the standards, morals, honesty, values and ethics she shows in her work as a real estate agent, are the same you want in a friend. She also has been such a source of information since we moved here such as where to shop, where to eat, what schools and activities are great, what to do with the kids and lots more. I can't say enough wonderful things about Laura and if anybody wants to ask me about her, please feel free to contact me."
--Susanne Bryant

Client Comments
Client Comments Buy/Sell with Confidence
Buy/Sell with Confidence"I highly recommend Laura Marriott as a real estate professional, whether you are buying or selling. My husband and I were in the market for an investment property and searching for the right place to buy. I happened to be doing a loan for a client who was working with Laura to purchase a duplex in Eugene. I was very impressed with Laura. She took very good care of my client, as well as keeping me informed throughout the transaction. When it came time for us to begin our search for property, there was no question in my mind on who we would use. Laura has extensive knowledge of the area and a keen eye for a good investment opportunity. She took the time to educate us on the neighborhoods so we could make an informed decision. We purchased our first rental home in early 2006, and made our second purchase late that same year. Laura has been an essential resource; she's recommended local contractors and reputable businesses, as well as giving us excellent tips on maximizing our return. I've recommended her to others, and we will continue to use her in the future. "
--Lisa Mazzei, Mortgage Consultant, Santa Cruz Mortgage

Client Comments
Client Comments Laura is cool.
Laura is cool."Laura is the "Un-real estate lady." We never felt any pressure to buy or sell when we worked with her. The advice she gave us as to how to price our house for quick sale was right on. Our house sold in 3 weeks, just as the market ground to a halt. The house we bought suits us perfectly and Laura was very gracious about working with the FSBO sellers. "
--Kate McCarty

Client Comments
Client Comments Rental Buying Expert
Rental Buying Expert"Laura Marriott is a terrific Realtor because she is efficient, attentive, competent, and personable. I worked with Laura when I purchased my first rental property in Eugene. She made certain we were involved and informed in every step of the transaction, and I appreciated this level of attention and close communication. As a Realtor, Laura would be great match for a first time home buyer, a seasoned home buyer, a commercial investor, or a 1031 exchange."
--Daisy Monticelli

Client Comments