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About Marriott & Associates Real Estate

Marriott & Associates Real Estate is located at 1293 Lincoln Street in Eugene, Oregon. Laura Marriott is the principal broker. They help clients with buying and selling primary and commercial properties. Together they have over 24 years of real estate and investing experience in Lane County.


Laura Marriott

Laura Marriott began investing in property while attending the University of Oregon in 1993. She has a passion for investment opportunity and helping clients learn how to invest as well. She offers her assistance as a broker, and also as a private counselor for people interested in learning about investing in real estate. Laura is currently working on educational software, film and seminars teaching financial responsibility for the "Y" Generation.

Chris Batchelor

Chris offers more than just the buying and selling of real property. Being born here in Eugene, she has first hand knowledge of all local areas and neighborhoods. Chris has over 14 years of Real Estate experience. In addition, she comes from a family of local builders. The knowledge from both areas makes a good combination that adds valuable expertise in helping her clients with their Real Estate needs.

Being a Realtor with high professional ethics and an easy-going personality, combined with a genuine concern for all of her client’s is just one of the many qualities that sets her apart from other agents. People start out as clients, but end up as friends! Call or email her for any Real Estate questions and/or concerns you might have, remember..."You Can’t Miss When You Call Chris!"

Heidi Mason

Heidi Mason has been living in Eugene, Oregon for nearly ten years after extensive international travel, including India, Israel, Central America and various parts of Europe. It was her traveling experiences that paved the way for her Real Estate career. After staying with different families and experiencing the domestic lives of people worldwide, a passion was sparked. She developed a love for the sweet, simplicity of the home life of everyday people.

This love led her to study Real Estate when she returned to the United States, giving her an outlet to help people of all walks of life to find or list the perfect home or retreat for each individual’s unique needs and desires.